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Is this art or boredom?  Art about boredom?  Boredom inspiring art?  Boring art?Trash theft is also a serious issue.  Making a bin and locking it twice...Escalators are SNEAKY.  You gotta watch them real careful or they'll bite your arm clean off and then use it to start some TERRISM.Fish paste soup and a mango shake, evidently.  Mmm?2007-01-01_0016What do you order when you have no idea what anything tastes like?Some city lights and cars and buildings and stuff.
Oh, right.  This is on the way back home in Chinatown.Dan is posting in the YOUR MOM thread.  Poor voodoo.2007-01-01_00112007-01-01_00102007-01-01_0009If you were there, you know EXACTLY what is going on here.A hilariously failed experiment in dual hula-hooping.
2007-01-01_0004DANCE LIKE IT'S 2007<jeph> DURRRRRRR?<Me> AJ get out of the picture nevermind too late2006-12-31_00342006-12-31_00332006-12-31_0032
2006-12-31_00312006-12-31_0030Carrie is here over the internets and skype.  We are such nerds.Mike, Kelly and Bryan.But the cookies are getting cold.... argh.Nevermind, they put it out already.OK, it's only on fire a LITTLE.
WHOA THE APARTMENT NEXT DOOR IS ON FIRE GUYS2006-12-31_00232006-12-31_0022<calenlass> heeeeeeeeeeeee. <fruitkat> heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.Mike and Tom2006-12-31_0019AJ (and pretty much everyone else) was finding Kat and Katie quite amusing.
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