Brexit Thoughts

Posted by Eric Stein - June 24, 2016 CE @ 14:38:09 UTC

So, Britain is either leaving the EU or renegotiating membership in it from a very bad position. Already markets are hurting badly and millions of people's futures are rapidly collapsing. Tons of people that voted for "Leave" have now been saying things along the lines of "I didn't think we'd actually do it" and "I was voting in protest, I didn't think my vote counted much".

This is a disaster. I am very sad for those few brits I know, seriously, I am.

Here in the U.S. we have got to make a choice this year between two um, options. Those options being:
I personally don't think that NATO and the UN are "obsolete" or "a game". With resources dwindling worldwide, and climate change (not just on our doorstep but inside the front room tracking mud on the rugs and carving its name into the doorjams with a bowie knife), we need unity in the world MORE than we ever have.

Remember, protest votes and "votes that don't count" can count. Be very careful what you do.
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Analyzing the Watching of the Counters: Wisconsin Government Accountability Board

Posted by Eric Stein - January 25, 2012 CE @ 07:56:13 UTC
If you're tuned into Wisconsin politics and on the Internet lately, you've probably seen the mesmerizing webcam installed at the Government Accountability Board. They're counting the Walker recall signatures in a secret location.

I've been running some video analysis software I wrote at Pumping Station: One for awhile, so when I heard about this from Tony, I just had to analyze the stream for activity data.

It's only been running for a little while tonight, so there's no interesting results yet, but I can't wait to see that change tomorrow when the GAB employees filter in.

It's time to count the counters.
Last Edited January 25, 2012 CE @ 08:08:13 UTC
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Spin... Spin... Click. Roulette for GitHub.

Posted by Eric Stein - December 18, 2011 CE @ 09:42:49 UTC
I'm tired of digging through the busy GitHub web interface, looking for issues on my projects to solve. If I don't really know which of my projects to work on or what to do, I'd like to see a few random issues I haven't solved yet. My subconscious really already knows what I'm ready to fix, or what I've got thoughts on. It just needs some prodding.

So, show me a few things I've been meaning to do. I don't care which one, I'm feeling lucky.
eastein@horus ~/dev/githubroulette :) $ ./githubroulette eastein 3
https://github.com/eastein/gitwrench/issues/2  handle repos with no remote master ref
https://github.com/eastein/floyd/issues/1      add !help command to IRC interface
https://github.com/eastein/psyched/issues/2    Notifications undefined behaviour with unstable clock
eastein@horus ~/dev/githubroulette :) $

If this intrigues you, check it out on GitHub.
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