SVN? No. CVS? Nooo. Git? Yes.

Posted by Eric Stein - August 18, 2011 CE @ 06:27:03 UTC
I haven't yet moved over the project pages on my site to reflect it, but I do all my coding on github now (yeah yeah, slow on the uptake, I know). Today I imported a project from CVS (not mine, I just couldn't deal with Sourceforge or CVS) and another from a poorly laid out SVN repository (mine). Here are the incantations.


Oh, that's not nice. Get rid of that right now.
git cvsimport -v -d -o master -C projectname projectname


For SVN, you'll need a .authors file, which will look like this:
username = Joe Schmo <>

Skip the -T / bit if you have a nice trunk/ branches/ tags/ layout set up. If you don't because you're bad, leave it.
git svn clone --no-metadata -s svn:// projectname -T / -A.authors
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