DyIO + Jython = <3

Posted by Eric Stein - February 6, 2011 CE @ 03:57:33 UTC
I've been working on and off (mostly off) on a project of mine for home monitoring called Ramirez. I need temperature and switch sensing ability. I'd tried a few things here and there with Arduino, etc, but that always meant writing my own communications protocol over the serial bus and I never got the enthusiasm up to get anywhere with it. The project I'm building needs the data to get to a full scale computer, not an embedded board, so I needed something that would let me do that easily.

I heard a few weeks ago from my friends at Neuron Robotics that their digital/analog I/O breakout kit called the DyIO was finally available! I remember a good ways back when they were designing this while we were still in school. It always seemed like a great idea, and I jumped on the chance to buy one. Before getting it Kevin gave me a few tips - including that it was possible to get it going with python code using Jython.

I started hacking on getting it to work with Jython tonight. I had a few issues trying to translate the Java examples to Python. However, Kevin was able to both fix a small bug I found in the Neuron Robotics Development Kit and help me get a small proof of concept running.

Proof of Concept

I haven't got the correct thermistors in from DigiKey yet, so I'm starting out with a simple digital in. In this example, I have plugged a switch into channel 0 on the DyIO module (pins are S and -) and connected the module to my Ubuntu laptop using USB.
eastein@numenor:~/dev/ramirez/mcore/plug$ cat jdyio.py
#!/usr/bin/env jython

import sys, time


from com.neuronrobotics.sdk.dyio import DyIO
from com.neuronrobotics.sdk.dyio.peripherals import DigitalInputChannel
from com.neuronrobotics.sdk.serial import SerialConnection

if __name__ == '__main__' :
        dyio = DyIO(SerialConnection("/dev/ttyACM0"))
        dig = DigitalInputChannel(dyio.getChannel(0))

        while True :
                print dig.isHigh()
eastein@numenor:~/dev/ramirez/mcore/plug$ ./jdyio.py
RXTX Warning:  Removing stale lock file. /var/lock/LCK..ttyACM0

Where To?

Now that I've got a quick connection to the DyIO proofed, I'll be working more on the sensor history and eventing systems within Ramirez. Soon: madness such as text alerts when my fridge temperature goes out of normal parameters for too long or my front door opens when I'm not home.
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#5240 - Bill Mania, April 21, 2011 CE @ 20:14:10 UTC
If you haven't also already looked at Phidget devices, you should. USB interfaces and very robust Python modules.

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