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Posted by Eric Stein - December 18, 2011 CE @ 09:42:49 UTC
I'm tired of digging through the busy GitHub web interface, looking for issues on my projects to solve. If I don't really know which of my projects to work on or what to do, I'd like to see a few random issues I haven't solved yet. My subconscious really already knows what I'm ready to fix, or what I've got thoughts on. It just needs some prodding.

So, show me a few things I've been meaning to do. I don't care which one, I'm feeling lucky.
eastein@horus ~/dev/githubroulette :) $ ./githubroulette eastein 3
https://github.com/eastein/gitwrench/issues/2  handle repos with no remote master ref
https://github.com/eastein/floyd/issues/1      add !help command to IRC interface
https://github.com/eastein/psyched/issues/2    Notifications undefined behaviour with unstable clock
eastein@horus ~/dev/githubroulette :) $

If this intrigues you, check it out on GitHub.


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