Publish Markdown to your Kindle in one command.

Like Markdown? Like your Kindle? Want your Markdown documents processed and effortlessly delivered to your Kindle? This is a simple set of scripts for making that happen. They are 'tp' for converting markdown to PDF, 'smtpfile' for sending a file as a MIME attachment, and 'kind', for running the others.

They're pretty easy to use. Extract the scripts in your $PATH and set up an alias:
alias kindle='kind $1'

Your smtp server as specified must be willing to relay mail to and/or

I haven't tried it (to allow 3G delivery) because I don't care for the charges. I imagine it would work, though.

Once you've done this, you should be able to simply toss your markdown files onto the Kindle.
eastein@horus:~/docs/txt/chicago$ kindle Chicago\ Neighborhoods\ \&\ Apartments.txt
Delivered Chicago Neighborhoods & Apartments.pdf.


You'll want...


I've moved development of this project to GitHub here: eastein/markdown-kindle


Release 0.2 of Markdown + Kindle

Date:May 22, 2011 CE @ 23:23:32 UTC

Release 0.1 of Markdown + Kindle

Date:April 11, 2011 CE @ 00:43:09 UTC
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