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2006-12-10_0001Back in business.Pretty hot, no?Very yes.2006-12-09_0003Who knew that the motherboard would have red LEDs on the bottom edges?  Not me.Looks... the same.
RMA finally arrives.. argh.Powered up on my deskThe CPU temperature readout on the front panel is pretty sweet.One of the only remaining parts from my old box - the Themaltake PSU.OK, I'll admit it.  That HSF looks awesome and I can't stop taking pictures.My dual GeForce 6200 TC'sAnother motherboard closeup
Just about ready to power it up.2006-11-21_0013Motherboard is in...New Apevia caseHeatsink & RAM mountedMotherboard closeupBrand new OEM AMD Athlon64 X2 4400+
New parts direct from newegg.2006-11-20_00022006-11-20_0001
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