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2007-06-29_00222007-06-29_00212007-06-29_00202007-06-29_00192007-06-29_00182007-06-29_0017And then take more.
What do you do if you're stuck in a train station for hours?  Take pictures of unsuspecting people.This shot would have been better with high-speed film.Pretty clouds.Skylines don't get old.  Neither do sunsets.  Consequently, sunset skylines don't either.Aren't I artistic?  3 eras of stuff on walls in one photo!Duck tours.  They make no sense.This just looked cool.
More skyline shots.Commercial logos + classy old building = ?At this point I was just trying to waste time.  My method worked.Man, this really could look bad, couldn't it?  I took a picture of an airliner AND a shot of two towers in a style reminiscent of a famous shot of the world trade center.  No wonder that private security employee wanted me to delete this picture...Another touristy shot.Uhoh, this guy is obviously a terrorist bent on destruction of all we hold dear.  He took a photo of an AIRPLANE.The Bruins don't care about their posters.
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